May 14, 2003

Gadget addict: new iPod

Back when the original Apple iPod came out, I was an early adopter, and elected to purchase a 10 GB iPod. Soon after, it became a part of my everyday routine. I was enamored by its sleek design, ease of use, and the sheer mass of music that I could carry around in my pocket. It synched beautifully with my PowerBook, and allowed me to enjoy music in my car. I loved my iPod.

A few weeks ago, Apple released a brand new music store that integrates directly with iTunes 4.0. Wow! Yet another wonderful use for my iPod. I tried out the music store, and I was impressed by how convenient it was. Of course, I read a lot of bickering about DRM restrictions, audio quality, and lack of selection, but this really didn’t phase me. All I know is that I can legally download songs from a fairly wide range of artists, carry them around with me wherever I go. Simply fantastic.

Along with the new music store, Apple updated its iPod line. The newest iPod is thinner, can hold more music, comes with a cool dock, and is entirely controlled via touch-sensitive buttons and scrollers. Last night I sold my original iPod for a decent amount and promptly went out and purchased a brand new 30 GB iPod. My experience thus-far has been excellent.

Here’s a rundown of the new iPod when compared to my old one:


  1. Even more attractive than the original
  2. Customizable main menu
  3. The dock is fantastic
  4. Lighter and thinner
  5. The screen is brighter and easier to read
  6. The backlight is impressive
  7. Touch-sensitive scroll wheel is very responsive
  8. It holds three times the music
  9. The notes feature is incredible when coupled with AppleScript
  10. New games


  1. Battery life is about 2 hours shorter
  2. Buttons are a bit too touch sensitive
  3. I have to buy a new car charger

Overall, I am pleased with my purchase. I think the new iPod is definitely an improvement over the original, and is sure to provide me with countless hours of musical love.

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May 12, 2003

Life is good!

Well, its been a long time since I have updated this site, and I apologize for that. I have been back in the country over a month now, and a lot has happened. Most of it can be summarized by the following picture.

It finally happened. After five hard years of work at Georgia Tech, I have finally graduated. I received a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, graduating with Highest Honor under the Cooperative Plan. I have had a great time at Georgia Tech, in spite of the school itself.

Reflecting on my time at Georgia Tech, I can truly say that I do not regret a single moment of my time there, and while it was difficult, even smothering at times, it was a rewarding experience that I wouldn't trade for anything. I have heard Georgia Tech referred to as an "intellectual boot camp" many times before, and I must say that the description fits. Georgia Tech can be a punishing place, and many times you can feel like it has beaten you. But, when you leave, you look up at the Tech Tower and truly believe that you can accomplish anything.

What made it worthwhile, you say? Well, that question is easy to answer—my friends. In my five years at Georgia Tech, I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the greatest friends a guy could ask for. These people have shaped my life, and through their greatness they have made me a better man. When I say these things, I am mostly speaking of my brothers in Delta Chi. Don't believe the stereotypes—true fraternity is a huge blessing.

So, what now, you ask? I accepted a full-time position with my co-op company, VertiSoft, and started a few weeks ago. VertiSoft is a medical software company based out of Roswell, GA that delivers one of the most innovative and useful software suites in the business. The company is currently evolving and is rapidly becoming an excellent company. I do not have any official titles, but I work in the software development side of the business, and am currently working on research and development for a new and exciting project.

In summary, life is good.

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